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7 Card Stud, Stud Hi/Lo and Razz Wizard

Stud Wizard has flawless memory 100% concentration, and the ability of several milliseconds to calculate all possible combinations. Stud calculator performs flawlessly for players of all calculations and the player can fully concentrate on playing style of opponents.

Games like Stud (Stud, Stud Hi / Lo, Razz) are exceptional in that part of the cards, players are dealt face up. Players during the game to see some cards of their opponents. Cards whose value the player sees (and their opponents) are called "dead cards", other cards that are still in the deck or lying on the table face down, let's call "live cards". A player in the game compares the value of their cards gradually with the value of cards of their opponents. In doing so, it must correctly guess what may be hidden cards and opponents logically exclude the cards that have been interpreted as a dead cards. Simultaneously, by live cards, calculates your possible outs.

The success in games like Stud is conditional on good and contoured memory and full concentration on the game player. The tables for eight players can be distributed virtually all the cards from the deck. Some opponents will fold at the beginning of the game, some in the middle of the game. Their cards on the table and disappear. It is very difficult to remember all the cards that have already been cleaned up from the table and also use the information for logical combinations with the cards of opponents. Professional players can handle this and, moreover, can also compound the cards quite accurately predict what cards could or could not be hidden cards. Achieving this level for the average online poker requires several years of acting, thinking and analysis of games.

Window Stud Wizard

Stud Wizard window is divided into two halves. On the left side are displayed graphically details the player on the right side of the data relating to the opponents.

The situation after the deal shows the following picture. JsJdJd player got in the game 6 players.

Stud Wizard figured the chances of individual opponents, and display them on the right side of the window. Opponents are ranked from strongest. For Player3 opponent sees the player Ac, the two cards have hidden Player3. That information indicates that the opponent Player3 now beats the combination of players with a probability of only 14% (AA). It has the same probability Player5 with Qh (QQ). Opponents have Player6 and Player2 Although Ks and Kc, but likely only have a 5% since King 3 cards are already dead. The overall probability that any of the opponents now have a better hand than the player is 33.6%.

On the left side are given chances players. The player now has One Pair of Jacks. The probability that the end of the game will not create a better combination is 46%. The probability for Two Pairs is a 37% chance of Three Kind of only 7%, etc ..

On 4th. Street is dealt another card.

On the 5th. Street already has two pairs of players, things changed in his favor.

On the 6th. Street found 5 Player opponent Pair of Queens and that his chances of beating two pairs of players has risen to 58%.

On the 7th. Street Omaha Wizard calculator computed opponents a chance for all possible combinations of seven cards. The overall probability that any of the opponents holds a better hand than the player is 91.6%. Thus, a player with a very high probability of losing.

An example for this chapter was randomly generated on Poker Simulator, and comes in a package Poker Wizard III FREE.

As you can see, won the Player3 Straight from Nine to Five. Player5 also had a better combination Two Pairs of Queens and Eights.

Note: Realize what is the probability. Can you defeat a player who has the chance of winning only 1%. Also, you can beat players with a chance of winning 99%. But in the long term you can not take such a risk. When you limit the chances of opponents to 75% in the long run we lose 75 games in a hundred and 25 won. Our odds are 75/25 => 4: 1. Comparing pot odds will see whether to fold, call any bet, or raise. If the size of the pot and the amount of 100 to Match 20, the pot odds are 100/20 => 5: 1. The pot odds are higher than our odds, bet you can call.

7 Card Stud Hi/Lo Wizard

Stud Hi / Lo Wizard performs the analysis for the winner High as described above. Additionally, performs probability calculations for Low winner.

The next picture shows the window Wizard Stud Hi / Lo after the cards are dealt on the 3rd. Street.

Each opponent also has a progress bar for the probability Low. In the bottom right part of the overall chances of winning opponents in Low.

On the left side is at the bottom progress bar likelihood of players to create a Low hand. Above it are green digits given cards that have a player for the low hand holding a live outs that will allow players to create combinations remain low.

4th. Street

5th. Street

6th. Street

7th. Street

The player was classified as Low winner, Player 5 was qualified as the winner of the High Full House.

Razz Wizard

Razz is essentially a variant Stud Low, with the difference that the winner is always classified, evaluated lowest combination of cards. Assistant window again on the right side shows the probability is potlivých opponents and the overall likelihood that one of them beats the player's hand. The left side shows what chance a player has to achieve individual figures at the end of the game. At the bottom is a graphical representation of the player's current posture and live outs that players can expect in the next phases of the game.

4th. Street

5th. Street

6th. Street

7th. Street

The winner of the game is the Player2.