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FREE Poker Simulator

Box Poker Simulator acts as a gaming table. The player selects the simulator type game. This automatically opens the appropriate window as an assistant, as in the actual game.

Control Poker Simulator is simple:

- Game type is selected in the upper right corner (it is now selected Omaha game)

- Number of players at the table are selected control element Seats (currently selected 10)

- Random pocket determines whether the cards will generate a random player, or the player himself enters (selected randomly)

- Random board determines whether to board (community) cards generated randomly, or the player himself enters (selected randomly)

- Button Reset game at any time resets the game and set the simulator to start a new game

- Action button in the lower right corner (now contains new text Deal game) is used to step through games. Action button after each step to change its text, so the player can see what action will be performed.

- Simulator window closes routine after pressing the X in the upper right corner.

To manually enter card player, you need to uncheck CheckBox Random pocket. Click on a card player opens a window to select the card and click on the desired tab to select the card. The card can not be chosen twice.

If a player wants the same way to enter the board cirques, however, you should uncheck CheckBox Random board.

The following figure shows the state simulator and Omaha Wizard manually entering pocket cards and pressing the action key New Deal game.

The simulator gave out cards to all other players (always random). Omaha assistant viewed flop calculations. Action button indicates that the next Klok will be on the table lined FLOP.

The following figure shows the state simulator and Omaha assistant after pressing the action button Deal FLOP.

Simulator on the desk explained FLOP (accidentally). Omaha assistant calculations show after the flop. Action button indicates that the next Klok will be on the table TURN unloaded.

The simulator thus guides players through the game. The player sees during a game of cards all opponents and simulator additionally marks the player with the best hand (now Player9, Three of Kind Sevens). The player can convince extent agrees calculated the chances of opponents with reality. It's very enlightening, the player learns to trust the calculations assistant.

It should be added that the Wizard can not see opponents cards, works 100% in the same manner as in the actual online play.