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Omaha and Omaha Hi/Lo Wizard

Omaha Wizard in every phase of the game gives players a detailed overview of the situation on the table. In phase preflop player has the choice of a dual input card combinations evaluation.

Omaha is much sharper game than Texas holdem. In Texas holdem means two pairs of very good combination, is super straight and usually wins. In Omaha, the two figures do not guarantee anything, especially when playing with multiple opponents. Straight flopped usually loses, as well as Flush, Full House or weak do not guarantee victory. Why is this so? The answer is simple. Each player holds in his hand 4 cards. For creation figures must Although mandatory use two cards, but the four cards combined just 6 pairs. If Tahu play on tables for eight players, then 7 our opponents holding in his hand a combination of forty-two pairs (6 x 7 = 42). It's like we're playing Texas Hold'em against 42 players!

Therefore, the Omaha applies two main principles of poker games:

- invest into play only if they hold a really great combination of input cards

- After the flop always recognize a hopeless situation and leave the game

Both of these policies players often violate the four cards in hand sometimes raise hopes of victory. A player with a relatively good combination of cards often underestimated threats from opponents and unnecessarily loses chips.

Omaha Wizard calculator at each stage of the game gives players a detailed overview of the situation on the table. In phase preflop player has the choice of a dual input card combinations rating:

- Edward Hutchison - point system for Omaha You can see here.

- Mathematically calculated value of the input winning hand against an ideal combination AKsAKs

In phases FLOP, TURN and RIVER Wizard performs analysis of the situation and gives players information on all pairs of cards to him by threatening opponents.

In phases FLOP TURN addition Omaha Wizard calculates one step forward and looking dangerous Outs. Unlike Outs players that improve the player's position, dangerous outs improve the chances of opponents.

PREFLOP - calculations

The following figure shows the situation after the cards are dealt to players. The table is for 6 players. Logged player received 8dAdJhAh pocket.

Good combination according Hutchinson, 38 points. His system recommends CALL 28 points or more and weigh RAISE for 32 points or more.

Mathematical assessment also evaluates the input combination of high (63%).

Calculations after the flop

On the table is laid FLOP Qs8sKh, the game is 6 players.

The player with the highest pair Adah and 17 outs on Straight, Three of Kind, or Two Pairs. With a probability of 61.8% will come one of these cards as the turn or river. The situation looks relatively good player.

Player beats combined total of 28 pairs out of 990 possible points. They are listed on the right side of the window. In the game's five opponents, and mathematically it is based, so that the probability of 58.3% some of them holding one of these winning combinations. It has not so much promising.

In addition Omaha Wizard revealed 39 dangerous odds. That's 39 cards that on the tour will further enhance the prospects of opponents! Note that some players outs are rendered in dark. It's 11 cards, which are also dangerous outs. These cards for current figure will strengthen the player, but also further increase the percentage of prospects opponents. Why: Spades give opponents a chance to Flush, Straight shape allows J, K and Q allow Three of Kind, Full House, or even Four of Kind.

How to assess the situation? Player has in fact only 6 Outs, which he can benefit. Against that 39 cards that on a tour of his situation worse. The ratio of 39: 6 == 6.5: 1 does not give the slightest reason to Match bets. Definitely FOLD.

Note: Built Poker Simulator, and comes in a package Poker Wizard III FREE possible to simulate this game and try sequel with different cards and different number of opponents.

Another example

Player got the perfect card, game is 8 players.

On the table is laid FLOP JhTdQh.

The player has a Straight to Ace, it is currently the nut hand, nobody can keep a better figure.

But the Wizard of Omaha found 19 dangerous odds that opponents can stand on his feet, is about 84% probability that the turn or river, some of the cards to come. If he was not lying on the table, two hearts, he would now fully in place All-In, or some handy bet for maximizing profits. On the following two figures show an example of how the situation develops after the tour in the event that will force players to lay 5 cards, and if the game stays all 8 players.

On the table is laid TURN Th, the game remained only two opponents. Fears came true, the table was laid the card of dangerous outs.

Player's straight no changed, now has six outs on Full House.

Increased 64 pairs of cards that the player defeats. The probability that one of the two opponents hold the winning pair is 57.1%.

If the game remains all 8 players the chance of winning opponents will increase to 95.1%, which is almost certain.

Now we can not wait for a miracle and top up the bet.