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Odds and Outs calculator Holdem Wizard

Holdem Odds Calculator automatically monitors the situation on the craps table throughout the game and gradually in rounds gives players information about assessed chances of the player and opponents.

PREFLOP - The first betting round

At the beginning of the game cycle is dealt cards to the players. Following the first round of betting preflop and continuing for three rounds by betting the flop, turn and river. In the following paragraphs, a description is given and the importance of information to be given an assistant in individual betting rounds.

The following figure shows the situation immediately after the cards are dealt to players. The table is for 6 players, 6 players received cards and 6 players still in the game. Logged player received Jc9c pocket.

Predictor found 26 entries for the card J9, the current position of the player at the table and a table for 6 players. From these records based on a statistical summary cards community cards follows: most on board appeared card 5 (50%), followed by 3 (38%) 6 (30%) 9 (26%) A (26%), K ( 26%), etc. in the right pane predator states that J9 won only 4 times out of 26 games and a list of the winning couples in this situation.

Hand value by pedictor - 15% of the value of the card players predictor according to the given situation (4 z 26 à 15%).

Hand value empiric – 18.2% is the value of the card players from long-term statistics database predictor.

Hand value by Bill Chen – 7% of the value cards the player computed by the formula Bill Price.

FLOP – The second round of betting

On the table is laid FLOP 5hTs9s, the game is still 6 players. Predictor in its statistics highlight lined in red figures.

The player now has a few dozen, the odds of a set of nines, or two couples is only 20.4%.

With the current number of five opponents is the probability that one of them has a winning ten of 53.9%.

Player prospects of winning are, however, only 38% because some of the extra opponents can hold in their hands a pair of fives, nines, higher pair, or nine and a higher kicker.

TURN – The third round of betting

On the table is laid TURN 5s, the game is still 6 players.

The player's combination improved to two pair of nines and fives, and has a chance at a full house four cards, however, this opportunity is only 8.7%.

Chances opponents that some of them holding winning a five or ten rose to 74.4%.

Prospects for the player to win in this game dropped to 17.3% due to a possible flush spades.

RIVER - The last round of betting

On the table is laid RIVER 6d, the game is still 6 players.

Results probability is almost the same as in the previous round.

Chances opponents has increased since winning combinations 66 or 65th

Weather win the player declined to 13.6%.

Game Rating

Two pairs are in play Holdem nice combination of calculated probabilities clearly show that in the situation when the game still five opponents is a mistake venturing into the big bet.

Let's show how the situation changes when a pair of nines will force some players to lay the cards. The simulator allows us to replay any game under different conditions. The following three figures documenting how dramatically changes the probability of winning with the same cards when the flop coaxed three players leave the game after the turn, stay in the game with only one opponent.

Note: All the information you submitted online Wizard, very fast. It's up to the players, as in the situation exploits.